Preparation Guide

Preparation Guide

Firstly thank you for booking your photo session with Sam’s Studios. I can’t wait to meet you and your family. In order to make sure you get the best out of your session I thought I’d share with you some guidelines for styling and preparation.

What to expect at a Family & Children Session…..

  • The Standard Family session last just 45 mins and I have always found this is the perfect amount of time for me to hold everybody’s attention especially any little ones.
  • Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible as there is no waiting room, thank you.
  • I am a big fan of natural smiles so it’s very rare that I’m heard using the phrase ‘SAY CHEESE’ I tend to take the silly route and try to entertain the children so that I can truly capture your little one’s personalities.
  • Sometimes children tend to be a little overwhelmed by the Camera, Studio Lights and generally being in a new place so often the session starts with no photography at all for the first 10 mins just while I get to know the little ones and they can familiarize themselves with the studio environment.
  • The studio has been designed to feel like home, so please feel free to sit and relax whilst children have their photographs.

What should we wear….

My photography style is very simple, neutral and timeless. It’s not essential that you dress to match the style however it helps to have an idea in mind before you come along regarding clothing as what you wear plays a big part in the final result.

Here are some things to consider…..

  • Where would you like to display the photographs?
  • What colours are in the rooms that you plan to display the photographs?

There are many ideas you could try, please feel free to drop me a message with your outfit ideas or if you need any help with styling.


What to expect at a Newborn Session…..

  •  A Newborn Session is set to last around 1.5-2 hours however we do very often go over 2 hours. Much of this time is spent settling and feeding and wrapping baby.
  • Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible as there is no waiting room, thank you.
  • The room will be heated in order to provide a warm and comfortable environment for your Baby.
  • Sam is Safety trained in Newborn Photography and follows a strict set of guidance when photographing Newborns. Sam will ask one of the Parents or Guardians to act as a spotter during sessions please feel free to ask for more information regarding this and in regards to any aspect of Newborn Posing Safety.
  •  When you first arrive I will discuss with you any specific colours you like or any particular pose etc to get a feel for what you’d like to get from your session.
  •  You don’t need to provide anything at all, as I have a well equipped studio full of wraps, hats and hair bands etc however you are more than welcome to bring bits along if you choose to.
  • Bring along your usual changing bag essentials, however I do have spare wipes and first size nappies should you forget anything.
  • Please also bring along a spare feed if bottle feeding and a dummy if baby has one.
  • If older siblings are joining us I recommend them having a few games, or a colouring book to keep them occupied, as it can be a long session for them.
  • For family shots with Newborns the style is usually soft and simple so keep any clothing plain and neutral where possible.
  •  And lastly, enjoy, relax and soak up every moment whilst we capture these all important memories for you.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me, many thanks Sam


What to expect at a Cake Smash….

  • Cake Smashes are a great way to celebrate your little ones First Birthday and they are so much fun.
  • The Cake Smash session is 45 mins and consist of the Cake Smash itself followed by Splash time for clean up and more cute photos.
  • Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible as there is no waiting room, thank you.
  • Outfit choice is up to you i recommend bringing your own although I do have a small selection too so please get in touch for more information.
  • Please bring along a drink for little one as all that cake can be thirsty work.
  • Please also bring along a towel for after the bath.
  • Depending on the time of your shoot try to avoid over feeding little one before hand as its best if they have an appetite for the cake.
  • All children are different some will dive straight in, others will run for Mum or Dad, some will love the cake, others may hate it. It’s all very much down to Baby and how they’re feeling on the day so it’s best to just go with the flow and let baby lead the way.
  • Babies love a cuddle when they’re covered in cake so don’t wear your best dress or favourite shirt just in case they want to give you a messy hug.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me, many thanks Sam